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"Annie Food" brand concept

Annie Gourmet was founded in 2018. The brand concept is to bring traditional high-priced ginseng and seafood products:
"Publicity" By reducing the cost as much as possible, let the public enjoy the precious ginseng and seafood at a reasonable price.
"Youth" Exquisite packaging and continuous research on new tastes to create some foods that cater to young people today.
"Convenience" develops the ready-to-eat market, and the products are heated and ready-to-eat, which is convenient and quick.

With a professional attitude and caring original intention, "Annie's Food" is committed to allowing the public to taste rich and nutritious food in the most convenient way, so that the public can enjoy the delicious food while gaining a healthy body! "Annie's Gourmet" is committed to pursuing the brand vision of "refined delicious food for loved ones and friends", providing refined, nutritious, high-quality ingredients, seafood, soup dumplings, health food, frozen food and other Hong Kong-style food, suitable for different age groups Nutrition and taste for family members. Dedicated to the pursuit of "safe, healthy, nutritious" delicious ingredients and taste, he is an expert in seafood health food and a good steward of smart food!

The founder, Lin Anni, said that their star product, Cordyceps powder, was the inspiration and original intention that inspired her to create "Annie's Food". She was once troubled by tracheal allergy, and she regained her healthy body after insisting on taking Cordyceps powder. Therefore, bringing health and nutrition to the public has become the goal and connotation of the brand of "Annie's Food".

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