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American Ginseng Powder (one or two packs)

American Ginseng Powder (one or two packs)

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American ginseng, also known as American ginseng, belongs to the category of white ginseng, Araliaceae Panax, a perennial herb. High-quality wild American ginseng is produced in the United States, Canada and other places, and its quality and efficacy are also top-notch.

Invigorate qi and nourish yin, clear heat and promote body fluid, moisten lung and relieve dryness, replenish qi and refresh oneself, strengthen spleen and stomach, suitable for people who often stay up late.

Main Ingredients: American Ginseng

Instructions: Put a teaspoon of American ginseng powder into a cup, add boiling water, mix well and drink, it can be served with sugar or honey. You can also add appropriate amount of American ginseng powder when cooking soup to increase the efficacy of American ginseng.

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